Hi there,

we are two photographers from Switzerland that capture beautiful moments on our trips through the world.

2014 we started with a simple idea and created Twintheworld as an Instagram page. At that time we just photographed with our mobile phones and used some little editing apps. As our page grew our photography skills did too. It was time to buy our first DSLRs, of course two Nikons, a d3300 and a d5300 which we started to make a few experiences with. Soon our editing apps weren’t enough anymore. Thus we began to edit our pictures with Lightroom, a program that brought us to the next level. In the meantime we also read many books and watched tutorials about photography. As we grew, we could afford better cameras, now we both shot with a Nikon d750. Our favorite lenses are the wide-angle lenses in general and the prime lenses, especially for portrait.

Since then our account has grown a lot as we did too. We made lots of experiences together that we never had thought that would happen. This project and all experiences have bonded us even more as friends. It was a great journey.

But that was just the beginning. We keep up our work, improve and hope that the future will be as awesome as the past!

More about us:



I’m Roman (21) from Graubünden. As my 10th year on this planet began, I got my first digital camera.  My fascination for photography and filming had its first breakthrough. I began to capture many short clips, stop-motion films. Moreover I photographed the huge mountains in my surroundings, on the hikes with my family in summer. Whereas in winter I filmed my brother, and he filmed me, doing tricks on skis. My motivation was not getting a great film, but knowing how the trick looked like. Over the next years I created several video edits, cutting together the best stunts. On the one hand I improved my athletic skills but also my filming abilities. As soon as I got my first smartphone, Valentin and I started our collective project. Fortunately I live in between beautiful mountains, so I have to walk only five minutes and I’m out in the wild nature. Therefore it wasn’t so hard for me to start photographing the nature. Next to photography I have many interests, some of them are: electrotechnics , freeskiing , freerunning and reading.

Always stay open and think big!


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I’m Valentin (20) from St.Gallen. It was in my childhood when I started to admire the nature. Those days I often went outside with my family to enjoy the woods and the mountains. Thus I saved money for my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix. Now I could capture the special moments of my adventures for the posterity. A few years later I bought an iPhone and started to shoot pictures of the daily things – no matter if it were moments of a tour in the mountains, a wonderful sunset at the lake or just a cool moment with my friends. A year later Roman and I kicked off our project, through which I got even more inspired of the world around us. Besides photography I’m very interested in things like history (that I’m going to study in September 2017), hiking, politics, philosophy and more. Nonetheless I never have no project in my mind.

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.