Photography has always fascinated Roman and Valentin. Since they were kids they mostly had cameras with them when they went out in nature. Since both of them grew up in the beautiful Swiss Alps, they got a great sense of beauty for the mountains. In 2015 they created Twintheworld together as a small project in order to broadcast the beauty of their regions to a broader audience. As they got better, they were able to build up a bigger following on Instagram. The once small project now has become a big part of their lives. They’ve already worked with many big brands and also have some longterm partnerships with brands of their trust. It’s not just a hobby nor a small project anymore. They also got many future projects in their minds they want to realize, so stay tuned. Next to photography they both study, Roman electrical engineering at ETH Zurich and Valentin history and geography at the Uni Fribourg. They both are athletic and always enjoy sporty activities.

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