ConceptD Leveling up our work flow

For years we've been working on our laptops. From photography to videography, our entire workflow was based on the small performance of these machines. With becoming more and more professional we realized that it was time to professionalize our workflow with some proper machines. This was the also the moment when we talked to acer about our ideas. With their ConceptD machines they offer the perfect tool for creative professionals. Especially for photographers and videographers it's important to own a monitor with good black and white tones and also great color accuracy. Therefore acer equipped us with an amazing setup that is perfect for our creative workflow. Now we'll share some experiences after using the setup for 2 months.
At first, we'll talk a little about the monitor. With the WHQD-resolution, the 1.07 billion color tones, the 98% CDI-P3 coverage and the PANTONE certification, the monitor offers a true to the original visual representation and great color accuracy for the created assets. The VESA DisplayHDR 400 helps in really getting those black and white tones accurately onto the display such that you can clearly see the fine nuances in contrast. These specs might overload some people, but all in all, it says that this is an amazing monitor for picture and video editing, which we can also confirm after having edited thousands of pictures with it. Coming back to our ideas and goals for our workflow, it was really important to us to be able to streamline and speed up the entire process of importing pictures, sorting them, editing them and exporting them with a simultaneous increase of picture quality. The monitor offers us the latter, for the first points the ConceptD 300 PC helps us.
The ConceptD 300

The ConceptD 300

Offering great intel i7 performance and an aesthetic appearance, the ConcepD 300 also impressed us. With the most modern graphics cards and 1 TB of SSD and 4 TB of HDD its amazingly fast reading and writing the files, therefore it really helps our workflow speed up. Since we're working with the Nikon Z6 and XQD Cards it's great that the ConceptD 300 offers a lot of ports and also a USB-C port such that we can transfer our loads of pictures extremely fast onto the PC.
We really like the wooden deck on top of the pc, it gives the pc a more natural and warm look. There are also many more little details giving the pc it's own character.
We really like the wooden deck on top of the pc, it gives the pc a more natural and warm look. There are also many more little details giving the pc it’s own character.
Now after having used this amazing machine during some time, we were able to improve our workflow by a lot. Everything runs faster now and we're much more productive and efficient, as we wished. So we really want to thank acer for sponsoring us and level up our workflow.
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