Our top 5 Malta places

Some weeks ago we were invited to go to Malta, by . is a search engine for nearly everything that a journey includes, from the flight to the hotel and of course with the best prices. So Roman flew to malta the 4.4.16, Valentin had to go to school. It was an amazing experience. Here we want to showcase some of the coolest spots Roman has visited.

On the fifth rang there is a place in the North-West of the island, it’s called Triy Tad-Dahar. There you can see a little red fortress, but also an overview of Malta, because it’s a little higher then the rest of the island. You can also see the sea of bot sides of the island, because at this point, Malta is very slender.

On the forth Place are some big cliffs in the near of the Popeye Village. The special about this place is the color of the water. I havn’t seen anywhere on Malta such blue and green water then at this spot. Of course the cliffs are also extraordinary.

On the third place is,  in our opinion, one of the most amazing cliff formations of Malta. With the bus it’s not that easy to reach. You have to leave the bus at the nearest village, Dingli. From there you have to hike about one and a half hour. At the beginning of the hike you also see some cool cliffs, the Dingli cliffs.

On the second place is one of the more famous spots on the island. It’s a spot where long ago a movie was made, and therefore they needed a village, so they built one. Since then the village has been changed into an amusement park for tourists. The village is called the Popeye Village. The village itself looks great on pictures, especially when the sun goes down, because then, the sun is in a good place for great pictures. Not only the village is cool, also the nature and the cliffs in the surrounding are interesting spots.

The first place wasn’t hard to determine. Look at the pictures below and you see why. As I got to this place, called the Blue Grotto, I was amazed by the beauty of nature and just stood there for a few minutes, contemplating. It was just so big and unbelivable how this cliff could have been shaped by the sea.

That was the first place. We hope you enjoyed our pictures! One more time we want to thank for this extraordinary opportunity.